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Ex CSO Members Donate to Catholic University of Malawi Chapel

Former members of the Southern Chapter of the Catholic Students Organization (CSO) on Easter Sunday, made a donation of classic chairs to the Catholic University of Malawi chapel. The chairs are meant to be used by priests during Eucharistic celebrations.

Speaking during the presentation of the chairs, one of the members of the Southern Chapter, Francis Vincent Nkhoma, said the group was ready to support the University with resources as a way of giving back to the institution of higher education. Nkhoma added that, the group was also willing to help current members of CSO at the University with moral and spiritual guidance during the time of their stay at the University.

“Though we moved out of this place, this is still our home. Where ever we will be, we will continue remembering that the Catholic University of Malawi did not only help us with academic qualifications, but also empowered us with spiritual resources,” said Nkhoma.

Chairperson of the CSO at the University, Patricia Nyirongo, applauded the gesture by former members of the group, adding that they look forward to establishing good working ties with the former CSO members.

Concurring with Nyirongo, the University Chaplain, Father Kondwani Mwenegamba, commended the CSO alumni for the donation. He further urged former members of CSO to continue supporting the University and the students.

“You may find that one of the students has lost a person who was supporting him or her before completion of studies, and life becomes harder for that student; such people need support too,” he elaborated.

After the Mass, the alumni met the current Executive Committee of the CSO to encourage them to cultivate leadership styles capable of helping members of the group thrive both academically and spiritually.

The CSO alumni Southern Chapter is one of the alumni groups of the Catholic University of Malawi.

The Catholic Students Organisation is a student-run organization of Catholic students who seek to live out their Christian commitment in a faith community that emphasizes respect, dignity, and friendship. 

The vision of education and campus life that is reflected in the group is one that attempts to integrate the search for knowledge with love and service to the academic community and the world at large.

By Luke Bisani

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  • Faculty of  Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Law
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