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Malawi Govt Happy with CUNIMA Initiatives’ Towards Quality Education

Malawi Government, through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, has expressed satisfaction with initiatives undertaken by the Catholic University of Malawi towards achieving quality education in the country.

Speaking after touring the University on Friday this week, Deputy Director of High Education under the Ministry of Education, Dr. Valentine Zimpita said the University has made strides in achieving its vision of being a Centre of Excellence for Quality and Holistic education in Malawi.  

Zimpita commended the construction of new three mini lecture theatres that have a capacity of one hundred and fifty students each at the University’s main campus in Nguludi saying, the University will be able to enrol more students who are to be studying in different programs offered by CUNIMA. The construction of such theatres and an academic gallery is one the indicators of how self-generated funds are used by the University. 

“We have found out that Catholic University is doing quite a lot and we have appreciated that, the fast-growing of the University. Went to see the three mini lecture theatres which are going to increase access, thereby implementing government policy of access to education in this country,” said Zimpita.

He then added that the Ministry has checked performance management system, how the University is using it and how its members of staff welcomed it. The Ministry has also evaluated how the University can generate income just to list some.

Commenting on the development, Registrar of the University, Mr. Francis Nkhoma said the University is always ready to comply with what the government of Malawi demands the University to have.

He then added that the University complied with government’s requests to have facilities that make students with disabilities to be able to access education in this country under CUNIMA.

The Catholic University of Malawi is one of the private Universities in this country with seven Faculties namely, Commerce, Education, Law, Nursing and Midwifery, Science Social Science and Theology.

By Luke (CUNIMA- Publicity and Marketing Officer)

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