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CUNIMA and CHANCO battled it out in Social Sciences Debate


In the wake of recent floods that devastated most parts of the country, many organizations have flocked in with various relief items in aid of the flood victims. The Catholic University of Malawi, one of the country’s leading institution of higher learning has joined in with a unique approach.

On Wednesday, March 27, Catholic University of Malawi Staff and Students led by their Vice Chancellor Reverend Father Dr. George Buleya paid a need assessment visit to one of the camps (Chikuse) at Nchalo Trading Centre in Chikwawa District. The main aim of the visit was to appreciate the difficulties that the flood victims are going through and what exactly can be done to assist them. “We have to determine what exactly these people need before coming in with assistance as we may bring them items that they do not really need while missing out on the crucial ones”, said Buleya.

Chikuse Camp alone is home to 6,000 people among them women and children. The camp only has 3 tents, 2 bathrooms (male and female) and 4 toilets.

Despite this being a mere need assessment visit, the entourage, however, carried with them several relief items worth K450, 000 such as sugar, soap, cooking oil, maize flour, bottled water, scones and dried fish (kapenta). 

Among the major problems recorded during the trip are; lack of basic utensils, blankets, tents, mosquito nets, clothes, and assorted food items.

According to Buleya after assessing the needs, the university will now begin to gather resources and donations from various quarters  including from the institution’s staff and students, and will very shortly make a formal trip to several camps in Chikwawa District

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